It’s not just about calling.The appearance info, alternatives & making ordering easy. Explore VirtuDialtm newest capabilities for generating greater income for  everyone. We know affordability is the key to make your business grow. Making things all possible.

features that suits your needs

  • Use call Recording for Training and improving your Team

  • Agent can use both click on-to-name or automatic dialing

  • If the chance isn’t reached, they’re placed back on the listing

  • Intuitive Dialing method it’ll stop dialing if agent is on an extended time

  • Associate iPhone app to manage campaigns & appointments

  • Gmail or Outlook calendars to set appointments right away

  • Seamless workflow smooth, intuitive interface for easy

  • Call switch lets you transfer calls to another agent at any time

  • Caller identity shows a local location code with neighborhood Presence

  • Arrange a dial order depending on your style

  • Use a pre-recorded message drop for answering machines

  • Incorporated each day planner for comply with-up name reminders

  • SMS Blast lets you send text messages to your leads

  • Excite your Sales while building competition between agents



  • The integrated support for lead generation, notifications, and appointments

  • Well-matched to Mac & Windows OS

  • No need to purchase, store or install since it’s web based

  • Can dial 225 times/hour/agent

  • Better voice quality and faster connections than the usual predictive dialers

  • Lower costs compared to other similar systems

  • Pricing – all calling charges based on subscription

  • Agents can work remotely since its a cloud based

  • Agents can operate thru telephone, mobile phone or VOIP.

  • Video Tutorials and Webinars for agents so they can study on their own

  • FREE Live technical support if anyone encountered a problem or has an issue

  • Plans per hour rate let you control costs and number of calls

  • Adjustable and ascendible, from small number to huge number of agents

  • Automatic Renewal of plans on a monthly or yearly basis


  • Lets you transfer calls to another agent anytime

  • Lets you record calls for archiving, training and staff development
  • Syncs with your email calendars to set appointments
  • Good user interface design for simple, seamless workflow
  • Intuitive Dialing will be disabled once agent is on a long call
  • If the lead cannot be reached, they’re put back on the list
  • Caller ID enable to show a local area code
  • Turn your sales efforts into a game or resembling a game and build friendly competition between agents
  • Customize the dial order that will suit your preferences
  • Can use a Voicemail Drop for answering machines
  • Merged daily planner for follow-up call alerts
  • Agent has the option to use manual or automatic dialing
  • Associate iPhone App to run campaigns & appointments
  • SMS Broadcast lets you send SMS to your leads


$74.95 monthly
Single Line
50-60 dials per hour
Comes with 7 days trial for $7.00

*$19.99 Additional for Inbound / Phone Number

$104.99 monthly
Triple Lines
150-200 dials per hour
Comes with 7 days trial for $7.00

*$19.99 Additional for Inbound / Phone Number

$119.95 monthly
Four Lines
200-225 dials per hour
Comes with 7 days trial for $7.00

*$19.99 Additional for Inbound / Phone Number